Chiropractic has evolved.

How it Works

Correcting the alignment of the top two bones in your spine restores nerve communication and promotes healing throughout the body.

Using unique sound wave technology, EPIC Clinics provide painless and precise spinal corrections.

The EPIC Technique

The EPIC technique is a series of clinic protocols done by expertly trained doctors to customize spinal care treatment to a unique and highly effective level of care.

Through advanced diagnostics and treatment technology, EPIC doctors are setting a NEW STANDARD with predictable and dependable results in the spinal care industry.

What makes EPIC different?


EPIC finds and corrects the actual cause of your problem.

Physicians rarely investigate to discover and treat the underlying root cause of the dysfunction; instead, they only treat the symptom.


EPIC identifies and corrects dysfunctions of the Nervous System.

The nervous system controls every function within your body. By detecting and correcting cervical spine misalignments, we restore proper function of the nervous system.


EPIC uses cutting edge diagnostic and treatment technology.

EPICs technology advantages include: - Advanced diagnostic imaging
- Spinal engineering analysis software
- Genetic structural profiling
- Degree-specific, digital calibration
- Percussion sound wave adjusting
- Patented treatment technology

Basically... we put your head on straight.

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