Chiropractic has evolved.

Here's what to expect on your first EPIC visit.

Come as friends. Leave as family.

1. Consultation

A personal history and a detailed consultation with the doctor is the first step to understanding your condition.

2. Evaluation

We will go over an in-depth evaluation of your condition to help us determine how much we can help you and, if we can, how much treatment is needed. We’ll only take on your case if we think we can help.

3. Physical Exam

At this point, the doctor will carry out a physical examination. Spinal screening tests as well as other evaluations will be performed. 

4. X-rays & Analysis

If the tests indicate that there is a spinal misalignment in the upper cervical region, then specialized upper cervical x-rays will be taken and reviewed.

The x-rays are entered into our spinal engineering software for analysis. Here the doctor will use the software to execute genetic structural profiling and calculate the misalignment of the Atlas bone in four different directions, to the exact degree.

5. Explanation of Findings

After the x-rays are analyzed, there will be an explanation of the examination and x-ray findings. Recommendations for treatment will be explained and the doctor will perform the first cervical adjustment.

6. EPIC Spinal Correction

Done with degree-specific, digital calibration, the percussion sound wave adjustment smoothly puts the atlas in the correct position. EPIC spinal care is delivered with a gentle, non-invasive sound-wave.

There is no twisting or popping of the neck. You will not feel the procedure. You will only feel the results.

7. Post-Correction X-rays

Immediately after the treatment, you will be brought into the x-ray room to receive the post x-rays. The doctor will use the before and after x-rays to determine if the adjustment was successful.

8. Follow-up Visit

Within 24-48 hours the Doctor does another physical examination with the patient. In this visit, the patient will also be shown the before and after x-rays, so they can see the results for themselves.

If another treatment is needed in this visit, it will be done. 

Follow up care will be discussed based on your individual needs. The length of time it takes to correct these abnormal conditions depends on how long they have existed and their severity. Regular care helps safeguard previous treatments and prevents future problems. 

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