Chiropractic has evolved.

EPIC Technology

Combining spinal engineering, joint biomechanics, and phonon-wave technology, EPIC uses a gentle percussion-sound wave instrument to instantly and accurately correct you.

The future is now as EPIC’s patented technology is aligning the spine at the speed of sound.

Gentle & Painless

Our unique sound wave technology corrects the misalignments in your spine. You won't even feel it!

Precise & Effective

Our process provides the most predictable patient outcomes in the spinal care industry.

Results for Everyone

Tired of treating your symptoms with endless cycles of medication? We're here to help you get results.

The Integrity Genesis™

Chiropractic has evolved.

We align your spine at the speed of sound.

A more precise target equals a more effective outcome.

No more guessing.

EPIC is proud to announce the first 3-AXIS percussive soundwave adjusting instrument.

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